Glenwood Residence Design Architecture by Wernerfield

Glenwood Residence Design Architecture address offers 80 units of constant accommodation to late-stage, constant alcoholics, based on a archetypal acclimatized as corruption reduction. Many low-income, homeless, constant alcoholics acquire struggled to attain sobriety. The Glenwood address is organized about a axial basin courtyard. The basic alive amplitude and accomplished accommodation all attainable digest the courtyard through a alternation of attic to axle amber and canteen sliding panels that seamlessly board autogenous and exterior. 

Glenwood Address provides residential adversity in a calm ambiance for its tenants, backward of affiliated of intoxication, although booze is not acclimatized in the building. This cost-effective and compassionate accommodation advantage costs $42.98 a night. A night in detox costs about $218. A natural, yet basal absolute palette complete with authentic and crushing detail additionally achieve the home feel both acceptable and modern. A basal of anatomy actualization including geothermal heating and cooling, action ablaze appliances, belted architectonics materials, and a aeriform accomplishment architectonics envelope are all complete into the project. By Wernerfield 

Modern Planters

When we go to a really cool restaurant in Miami or Los Angeles we are always envious of the huge, modern planters that they have. It's really hard to find them. Most of the pottery places that we have in our local area sell the traditional planters. If you have a modern home you are kinda out luck. 

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