Innovative Design Residence

The challenge when designing this house is a good design parameters and a low budget to provide quality of good architecture in the city while respecting the needs of clients. The resulting project provides a substantial architectural impacts associated with the smaller buildings of the area indicated by the various building styles. Using traditional structures, allowing architects to focus on design and financial details of the finishing materials, given pursue innovative design. Complex characteristics of the site require comprehensive solutions and functional. Wide balcony running the entire length of the building to emphasize the horizontal development of the structure while providing access to the rear of the housing units. 

Residence Design

Dreaming Private Residence

Here is residential designed by bittoni design studio. This project is actually a Redesign of a private residence located in the Crestwood Hills, near Los Angeles. This house has a special place, located on the hill with a panoramic view all around. Inside the house there is also a luxurious interior, spacious rooms, large windows, polished floors, comfortable beds, swimming pool and kitchen and also adequate dining room. This house is really correct to say as a dream home. 

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